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Help Elect Erin



Help Elect Erin

     Would you like to help out?
           ~ Lawn sign placement
           ~ Help at the polls
           ~ Donation

    Please e-mail Erin directly at erin@erinstahl.com
    Phone: (586) 774-8181

PayPal link:

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Please print this form and send check payable to:  

Friends of Erin Stahl
20113 Avalon
St. Clair Shores, MI 48080



I'd like to donate  (No corporate checks please)   

[  ]  $5      [  ] $25      [  ] $50      [  ] $100     [  ] Other**_________

Maximum contribution is $500 per election cycle.

**If your contribution is greater than $100, state law prohibits Erin from accepting your generous contribution unless you provide your employer's name and address.



First Name    
Last Name

For contributions greater than $100.00

Street Address Occupation
City Employer
State Employer Address
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Links to Useful Sites:

State of Michigan Website
Macomb County Website
City of St Clair Shores
Mackinac Center for Public Policy
STRAW  (Shores Taxpayers & Residents Against Waste)
St. Clair Shores Women's Civic League




Email Erin At: Erin@ErinStahl.com

Paid for by: Friends of Erin Stahl
PO Box 007, Roseville, MI 48066